Consultancy Service


We are experienced in offering consultancy to various professionals including:


  • GPs
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Day Nursery Workers
  • Care Workers
  • Health Visitors

Often, professionals require the advice of a Clinical Psychologist regarding the psychological needs of a particular individual they are working with. Alternatively, they may require more general advice about how they can improve their services and promote psychological well-being.

Please contact us for further information regarding our Consultancy Service.




TrainingPurple House provides training, workshops and lectures to a range of organisations (e.g. educational, health, social care) on subjects related to Mental Health, Clinical Psychology, & Child Development. All of our training is tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

Examples of training, workshops or lectures that we can provide are:

  • Understanding common mental health problems
  • Introduction to psychological therapies
  • Basic therapeutic skills (e.g. empathic listening)
  • Formulation in Clinical Psychology
  • The importance of Attachment
  • Attachment disorders/developmental trauma
  • Attachment and brain development
  • Working therapeutically with Attachment disorders
  • Promoting healthy attachments e.g. in childcare facilities
  • PTSD/Trauma
  • Working with PTSD/Trauma
  • Psychological Assessment with children
  • Creative interventions for working with children
  • Writing therapeutic stories
  • Working therapeutically with parents and families
  • Schema Therapy & Schema Therapy with young people (not for certification)

Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.